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"Awesome cups! Love being able to organize the racks better, and still able to make any re-rack you'd like. You'd think the hex cups would be a ton easier since there is less space between the cups, but the difficulty seems the same."
- Amazon Customer

"Backed these on kickstarter and love them. I live in a student flat so these see a lot of use. They don't seem to slide around when we are playing and I wouldn't say they fall over any more than regular cups would. They flip over pretty decently if you want to use them for flip cup as well."
- Kickstarter Fan

"Brings beer pong to a whole new level. Not just for college students. The red ball is meant to make up your own rule. You can also get creative and come up with additional games, besides beer pong to play. The hexagon shape allows you to form the cups into multiple designs. It's great for a gift, lake trips, family gatherings, and more. The cups last a long time if taken care of. I would definitely recommend this item, especially for the price point!"
- Allison

"I have used these cups A LOT! I have used them tailgating at (7) home games, beer pong tournaments, and normal house parties. Needless to say, I have reused them several times with no issues. I just pop them in the dish washer (top rack) after use and then they are ready for the next event. I was originally skeptical about a few things: re-usability, "ghost" proof, and afraid these cups would make to game too easy. I decided to take a chance on the Kickstarter process, and I am glad I did! As stated before, re-usability is definitely not an issue...and I have yet to have any cup "ghost" which is awesome! To my surprise, these cups actually make the game a little more challenging! Most shots that would normally slide/spin in on a standard, round cup now bounce out because of the hex shape. In my opinion, this is great and requires more accurate shots! It does take a bit of getting use to (just 2 or 3 games), but the feedback I have received from friends have been all positive after a few games under their belt. I would definitely buy again!" 
- Stephen

"I backed these guys on KickStarter, the first ones I ever backed on there. I did it so I could get them for my little brother for his 21st birthday and I do not regret it one bit. He loves them and all his friends think they're awesome."
- Bryan

"These cups are great! I bought 2 sets. 1 as a gift for my dad and 1 for myself. Finally a cup that doesn't slide off the table when your playing multiple games which is usually always the case. Great product Hexcup!"
- Amazon Customer

"Backed this product on Kickstarter and have had an awesome time with them! Product quality is waay better than the traditional red cheap cups and game play is more fun and creates more options due to the shape. Game play is more fast paced than the slower game and I really dig the ingenuity of the bottoms that won't float when the table gets wet from the occasional spill. I had high expectations and this delivers! Not sure on the comments for blowing and flicking..Personally, I've never liked having people stick their fingers in my beer... call me strange (apparently some people are really into that but sounds like a recipe for disaster to me.) The addition of the red ball also allows for some pretty interesting and fun rule additions."
- Brad

"These cups are amazing! I would have never thought there would be a way to improve the Red Solo cup for pong... but they did!"
- BigHig

"Finally something for my OCD."
- Cody

"They were weirdly perfect."
- Alana

"The perfect beer pong experience. No more lipped cups boys."
- Blake

"Throw out the other cups!"
- Maggie

"These are game changers and we need them ASAP."
- Dante