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How did you think of Hexcup?

Applying the hexagon shape to a beer pong cup came while: you guessed it, playing a game of beer pong! The other features were devised during the design process.

Does Hexcup make beer pong too easy?

Actually no. Some would say the game becomes just slightly more challenging due to the new angles added to the playing field. Are you up to the challenge?

Are Hexcups dishwasher safe?

Yes. Hexcups are made from a durable plastic that is top-rack dishwasher safe. We have tested this extensively, and the cups show no sign of melting or deformation

What is the anti-ghosting bottom?

In our experience standard cups tend to float around on the table when it gets wet. The shape on the bottom of our cup is specifically designed to prevent them from moving around during play.

What is the “GameChanger” ball?

We've upgraded the game of Beer Pong and now it's your turn! The "Game Changer" ball is the red ping pong ball that is included in the game set. This ball can have any rule you would like to associate with it. In fact, we are asking our supporters like you to vote on the official game-changing rule here on our website.