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Fueled by our own desire to take Beer Pong to the next level, we launched Hexcup in 2015 to revolutionize this classic game.  The focus of Hexcup is to provide a more enjoyable game experience while providing a reusable option.  Hexcup was introduced on Kickstarter in December 10, 2015 and 3,339 backers pledged over $108,000 to push Hexcup into production.

Our business headquarters is located near Kansas City, MO, but we are able to sell and distribute our products internationally. 

William (Alex) Heimsoth

Alex is a small town boy who enjoys riding wheelies down back-roads in the sunshine on his supermoto, drinking beer while shooting guns into the woods, eating bacon on his pizza, and jamming to Eric Church on his way to work at the local manufacturing plant. Not really... but he does enjoy all those things separately, as well as the best game of beer pong available with Hexcup, the product he (and Aaron) designed in college.

Aaron Attebery

Aaron, a gentleman with fine tastes, enjoys traveling to many countries, learning about other cultures, and popping the cork on a fine bottle of wine.  Don’t categorize him just yet, as he also loves jamming to country music while driving his F-150 down a back road and riding horses.  Get-togethers and BBQs fuel his fire, and he has a passion for good times with friends.  Many of those get-togethers inspired the creation of Hexcup, and he is always looking for ways to improve it.